Setting up automatic reminder mail if first mail is not opened (using Infusionsoft campaign builder)

As per industry data, your email has less than 1% chance of being opened after 48 hours. If you have an important event and if you do not want your subscribers to miss your email, sending a reminder could be a good idea. The reminder could be the same email to be sent second time OR you could tweak around with subject line. After all, 47% of email recipients open an email based on the subject line, that's close to half of your subscribers. In this article, we will achieve this functionality using the campaign builder and our product You may place this in any existing campaign or create new one.


  1. Add one sequence, which will contain our emails. A trigger is required to add contacts to the campaign - in most cases "tag" trigger will be best option. It will look something like the below image. 2017-08-31_1203.png
  2. Now, inside the Mail Sequence, to setup reminder, we'll need to determine a time frame. If user has not opened the mail within X days (or X hours), send the reminder name. The same method can be used to setup more than one reminders as well. With primary mail and one reminder, the sequence will look something like this. For all emails in the sequence, do not forget to add tracking image (refer to this article for instructions).2017-08-31_1208.png
  3. Now, moving back up one level to campaign, after the mail sequence, we'll add a "Web page automation" goal to track email opens. This goal will pull the contact out of the sequence so contacts which opens the email, they won't receive the next reminder. After adding and connecting the goal, campaign will look like this.  2017-08-31_1304.png
  4. Double click on the goal to configure it. Please follow instructions from this article to configure email open goal.
  5. All set. Your campaign with automatic email reminder has been setup. Add contacts to this campaign using trigger tag to activate the campaign. If the contact opens first email, they will be pulled out from the mail sequence hence they will not receive reminder email.


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