Triggering email sequence only when/if previous email is opened (using Infusionsoft campaign builder)

Some of our clients wanted to send interest-based emails. They did not want to bother subscribers with the next set of emails unless they had opened the first email. In this article, we will achieve this functionality using the campaign builder and our product


  1. Add a trigger goal as an entry point to the campaign; in most cases tag goal will be the best option. Connect a sequence with the trigger goal, this sequence will contain our first email. If you wish to achieve this functionality for an email broadcast, please skip step 1 & 2
  2. Inside this sequence, place your first email and insert the OpenTracker tracking image in it. Please refer to this article for instructions
  3. Back to the campaign, now add a "Web Page automation" goal, and connect it after the "First email" sequence
  4. Double click on the goal to configure it. Please follow instructions from this article to configure email the email open goal. At the end of which, your campaign should look like this:
  5. After this trigger, add another sequence and add all the follow-up emails in there. Your contacts will be added to this sequence only if they open the first email
  6. At the end, your campaign should look like this:


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