How to create automation links?

Creation of automation links is required only if you want to measure success based on open rate. 

Please follow the steps below to create 3 automations links. 

Name of automation link Tag to apply
ChimpSplit Version A ChimpSplit -> VersionA
ChimpSplit Version B ChimpSplit -> VersionB
ChimpSplit Version C ChimpSplit -> VersionC
  1. From top navigation menu, Go to Marketing > Settings > Automation Links > Automation Link menu_screenshot.png
  2. Click on "Create Link" automation_link.png
  3. Name your automation link. We advise you to use name "ChimpSplit Version A" (A or B or C) for your links so they are easy to locate later, however you are free to use any naming standard.  manage_automation_link.png
  4. Choose "Web address" in the next option and enter your domain name in the next field. You could use any domain like, it does not matter. Click on "Save". 
  5. The page will reload after you save it and you will see a new tab named "Actions", click on it. manage_actions_automationlink.png
  6. From the dropdown, choose "Apply/Remove Tag" and select "ChimpSplit -> Version A" (A or B or C) from the list. 
  7. Click on Save. The list of tags will disappear and you will see one more "Save" button. By clicking that button, the automation link will be saved. 
  8. Now copy the URL of this page (where you are editing this automation link and paste in any text editor like Notepad.
  9. The URL will end like this "manageSystemEmailLink.jsp?view=edit&ID=184&global=true&popup=true&campaignId=0" . We are looking for the number after "ID=". In this case, it's 184. It's ID of this automation link, you will be asked to enter this information during setup. If you face any trouble, contact support for help.


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