How to create trigger actionset?

To send list of all marketable subscribers to ChimpSplit, we'll be creating an actionset, which will send an HTTP Post to the ChimpSplit server. It'll also remove tracking tags from all those contacts (if applied during previous broadcast), so open/click rates can be tracked correctly for the latest campaign.


  1. From top navigation menu, Go to Marketing > Settings > Action sets menu_screenshot.png
  2. Click on "Add an Action Set
  3. Enter name of the action set - "ChimpSplit Trigger". You could name it anything though as far as you can recall the name at the time of creating broadcast.
  4. We are going to add 2 actions
    1. Select "Apply/Remove Tag" from dropdown, select "Remove" and select "ChimpSplit -> Version A", "ChimpSplit -> Version B" and "ChimpSplit -> Version C". Save the action.remove_tags.png
    2. Now select "Send an http post to another server" from dropdown. You'll be prompted to enter a "POST URL". Please copy/paste the URL from your welcome mail and save the action. http_post.png
  5. At the end, the actionset will look like this. Save the actionset. actionset.png


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