How to scan business cards with Snaptact?

To scan business cards with Snaptact, you will require two apps to be installed on your device - "Snaptact" and "ScanBizCards". The ScanBizCards app will work only as the backend engine; it never needs to be opened.

After installing both apps,

  1. Launch Snaptact
  2. Tap on Capture
  3. When you see the camera activated, capture a photo of the business card.
  4. After a successful scan, it will display a review screen - with a button titled "Send to Snaptact" on the upper-right corner, tap it.
  5. You will get yet another review screen with a "Save" button at bottom. After reviewing the captured information, tap "Save"
  6. The contact information will be added/updated in Infusionsoft


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