How to configure product specific Purchase Actions? (post purchase actionset triggers)

If you wish to execute some action set (an action set can contain any number of actions from a wide range of options like apply/remove tag, send email, create subscription) on the purchase of a specific product, you can use "Purchase Actions" for that purpose. Please follow these steps to configure Purchase Actions for any product.

  1. Go to E-Commerce > Actions
  2. To create product specific actions for individual products, click inside the text box and start typing the name of a product. Once you find the product you are looking for, click on it.
  3. Click on the Actions button to add or edit the purchase actions for the product.
  4. Add as many actions as you like.
  5. Click the Save button when finished.
  6. To edit Purchase action for this product in future, follow steps 1-3 and you will be able to modify existing actions.


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